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New Identity Package. Identity creation is the process of creating a new personal identity or alias for an existing person. You may have seen it in movies. The abused wife fakes her own death and starts over in a new town with new identity. A mob informant gets set up in the Witness Protection Program. Someone steals your identity, wreaks havoc on your life and forces you to become someone else.

Changing your identity and starting over is a common motif in books and movies and now in practical life. This has been a common way for criminals to start all over with a real new life. Some people especially women will get a new identity just to run away from abuse.

But is it possible to change your identity in real life?


Start A New Life With the New Package

The quick answer is that YES, you can completely change your identity in this day and age — We guarantee you this new identity to start a new life and regain your freedom. Legally changing your name isn’t too difficult but at time it can be very stressful and time consuming. Legally changing your Social Security number (SSN) is possible as well, but only under certain circumstances. We help you do all these in 14days.

So who would want to erase their identity anyway? Probably a lot of people. Maybe you’ve acquired a large amount of debt and think an identity change will allow you to escape your creditors. Perhaps you really are a victim of abuse or identity theft and it’s the only option. These are two reasons the government recognizes as legitimate.

Your best bet if you want to erase your identity and start over is to change your name, get a full new identity with new identification documents, move far away, take up a different profession and start a new life. You can even create a new personality — from the way you dress to your accent and gait.


Assume a New Identity by taking someone identity!!

Are you tired of your creditors hounding you?You tired of your life?Or you are looking for adventure?Do you want to be someone else?

Then you need a new identity!

There are many reasons why you might want to assume someone’s identity. That’s fine and it is your decision not ours. Our business is to supply you with all of the information that you require to accomplish this. Our full Identity Theft package includes all of the information required to assume someone’s identity: You will be required to supply us with all the information possible that you have of that person. Contact us for more details.

Social Security numberMother’ maiden nameChecking account numbersCredit card numbersBirth placeBirth dateTelephone credit card numberCurrent addressCurrent phone numberCredit referencesDriver’s license numberPassport numberVehicle ID number (VIN)License plate number

We offer only the best in new identities. Our identities are sold only once, and are selected from upper income levels in society. We are constantly updating our records, and can offer you an exciting range of possibilities.

We provide real new identity package for the following countries:


U.S.A (United States Of America) New Identity Package

Identity documents in the United States are typically the regional state-issued driver’s license or identity card, while also the Social Security card (or just the Social Security number) and the United States Passport Card may serve as national identification. The United States passport itself also may serve as identification. However there is no official “national identity card” in the United States, in the sense that there is no federal agency with nationwide jurisdiction that directly issues an identity document to all US citizens for mandatory regular use.

Our United States (U.S) new identity package will include the following documents. You get a free delivery when you order the new identity package.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s License and/or ID Card
  • Passport (Optional)
  • Diploma and other school certificates
  • Proof of address


UK (United Kingdom) New Identity Package

Identity documents in the United Kingdom are typically the government issued identification documents that includes the: birth certificate, driving license, identity card, while also the National Insurance number (NI) and the UK passport may serve as national identification. The United Kingdom passport itself also may serve as identification. However, the official “national identity card” (UK id card) in the UK, is the recognized nationwide identification document to all the UK citizens.

Our UK new identity package includes the following documents also known as UK new identity package:

  • Birth Certificate
  • National Insurance Number (NIN)
  • Driving License
  • ID Card
  • Passport (Optional)


Canada New Identity Package

Our new identity package for Canada will include the following documentsa real birth certificatedriver’s license or identity card,  the Social Insurance card or just the Social Insurance Number (SIN) and the Canadian passport. The passport itself also may serve as an identification document. We offer the best services in obtaining a complete new identity in Canada also know as Canada new identity package

The Canadian new identity package is made up of the following documents.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Driver’s License
  • ID Card
  • Passport (Optional)


France New Identity Package

New Identity in France includes a French driver’s license,  French identity card, and birth certificate, while also the National Identification Number (Each French person receives at birth a national identification  number, the “numéro d’inscription au répertoire” (NIR or National Repertory registration), also called a “numéro de sécurité sociale” (or French Social Security number). This INSEE number is composed of 13 digits + a two-digit key.), and the French Passport is the document included in the New Identity package for France.

  • Passport (Optional)
  • Birth Certificate
  • (NIR or National Repertory registration)
  • Driver’s License
  • ID Card

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