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The Portuguese government issued its citizens the Citizen Card, also known as the CC or Carto de Cidado. The card consolidates several previous identification cards into a single, secure card, replacing the Bilhete de Identidade (BI; Identity Card), Social Security card, National Health Service card, taxpayer card, and voter registration card. In the middle of 2006, the Azores saw the introduction of the Citizen Card. But as of 2017, BIs were still occasionally issued.

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With the exception of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom, the Citizen card is a valid form of identification throughout all of Europe, as well as in Egypt, French overseas territories, Greenland, Georgia, Montserrat (for a maximum of 14 days), Turkey, and on organized tours to Tunisia. However, a visa is needed to enter Egypt, either online or in person (at the latter location, a passport photo is needed).

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